Oreo was a found puppy in Barstow, CA. I adopted her and fell in love. She was a reckless puppy but grew into a really sweet and affectionate dog. I love her dearly but have to move to a home that only allows one pet. I hope I can get her into a loving home with space to run. She runs so fast you think she is in a race. She loves to explore and play, has been a precious sister with my other pet...
I got 2 Brand new large pink leather dog collars. Ordered on amazon. They are unfortunately to big for our dog. 5$ each. Just message for more pictures or questions.
Yellow lab with red leash still attached to his collar CASH REWARD FOR HIS RETURN!!
This little puppy s name is peanut! He playful and very hyper and just a loving dog in general! Unfortunately I m unable to take care of him due to me developing an allergy to dogs. I will miss this little pup but my allergies have taken a toll on me. Please provide this pup with a good home!